Healthier Workplaces and Schools: A Commit to C.A.R.E. Initiative

At Commit to C.A.R.E., we are thrilled to introduce AIHA’s new ebook: Healthier Workplaces and Schools, an updated approach to how we should think about reducing the spread of any airborne transmitted infectious diseases in the workplace.


What’s Inside the eBook?

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Infectious Disease Insight

Equip yourself with knowledge on how airborne infectious diseases like COVID-19 and RSV are transmitted, and learn effective strategies to reduce the spread and protect yourself.

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Master the 4Ds

Deepen your understanding of Duration, Density, Distance, and Dilution, crucial elements for maintaining healthy and safe environments.

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Customized Guidance

Access tailored advice for creating safer spaces in your workplace (e.g., offices, healthcare facilities, schools, retail, and others).

Why This eBook is a Must-Read

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Expert-Backed Guidance

Expert insights from Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) professionals.

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Actionable Advice

Real-world solutions for real-world challenges tailored to your workplace.

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Empower Your Team

Educate your employees with strategies to limit the spread of infectious disease in the workplace.

Expert Advice, Condensed for
Your Convenience

We’ve updated and consolidated content from AIHA’s original Back to Work Safely guidance documents and put them together in one easy-to-read eBook. It’s all about saving you time and giving you straight-to-the-point and current advice from the experts.

Take the First Step Towards
a Healthier Workplace


“The multi-layered approach outlined in this new eBook includes five proven strategies to keep employees safe. There is no one control strategy; the more layers of protection that employers can implement, the more they can reduce their risk of infectious diseases in the workplace”

SAID AIHA CEO Lawrence Sloan.

Download the ‘Healthier Workplaces and Schools’ eBook now and join others in making a positive change!